Pleasure Paradox
MK Gallery, Thursday 31 October 2013, 6pm - 11pm

Featuring : Fabienne Audéoud, John Costi, Nick Kilby & Trans/Human, Jen Liu and Janek Schaefer

Curated by Christina Millare

Film by Miles Umney

Through moving image, performance, sound and participation, Pleasure Paradox will turn MK Gallery into an immersive environment that explores the relationship between fearful and pleasurable experiences. Drawing on the horror film presented within the controlled setting of a cinema, this event uncovers an artist and spectator’s response to fictionalised terror within the composed setting of an art gallery and seeks to expose the association between pleasure and fear that can produce contradictory reactions to trauma.

Works developed for and presented at Pleasure Paradox explore perceptions linked to controlled disturbances and horrific stimuli that focus on a body’s reaction to physical trauma, the impact of socio-political and industrial distress on social structures and the polar responses that occur when farce and tragedy converge.

Deliberately timed to coincide with Halloween, a day in which the deceased, supernatural and other worldly are paradoxically celebrated and feared, Pleasure Paradox aims to pull apart the inconsistent and conflicting responses to fictionalised terror.

Artist biographies and information on artists' projects:

Photographs of Pleasure Paradox:

Pleasure Paradox was kindly supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts and MK Gallery

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