This piece involved writing down all the lies I told between my proposal being accepted, and the actual performance - 6 weeks in total. Each lie was written down on paper and sealed in an envelope, which was then given to a member of the audience to read before returning the paper to me so that I could eat it. The lies make up a negative image self-portrait; by revealing what is not true and the issues that I feel I need to lie about, my true self is revealed.

Members of the audience were also asked to write down a lie they had told and post this in the Lie Box. Their lies were then read out over music..

The biggest lie of all was that the show was meant for graduates of the Nottingham Trent University Fine Art program, which I wasn't, so I had lied on my performance proposal. Luckily the organisers seemed to appreciate this as being part of the piece and didn't seem to mind.

The piece was performed at Backlit Gallery, Nottingham in January 2013.
A review for the event can be found here:

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