Season 01 Episode 00: "Snap On, Snap Off!" (aka: The Teaser):

Casey and Archie find themselves in a remote location in the middle of nowhere with no one around but each other. The only thing that ties them together is a note that says "Snap your fingers, you know you want to.". What does the note mean? What will happen if they do? And why the heck are you reading this when you very well could be watching what happens? Enjoy and stay tuned for the very first full length episode of Harmelody TV when it airs January 21st, 2010 on our website at: . We can't wait to show you what kind of hijinx we get into next!


Casey Freelove:
As Herself

Archie Marques:
As Himself

Jeremy Browe

Assistant Director:
Denise Head
Russell Turner

Jeremy Browe

Lead Camera Operator:
Russell Turner

Assistant Camera Operator:
Denise Head

Lead Lighting Technician:
Keith Arbenowske

Assistant Lighting Technician:
Charles Belau
Russell Turner

Lead Sound Technicians:
Chelsea Piner
Charles Belau

Assistant Sound Technician:
Mike Shultz
Will Pulliam

Jeremy Browe

Jeremy Browe

Production Assistant:
Will Pulliam

Special Thanks to:

Specs Howard On Location
Grace and Wild HD Studios
Detroit Power & Light


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