The Young Women's Leadership Charter School is the only all girl Public School in the Chicago Public School District. As a Charter School, they are responsible for significant fundraising to keep the school operating. Along with other outreach efforts, they hold an annual luncheon called "Girl Power" that is a must have ticket among Chicago's elite. In 2013, our studio was honored to provide the video production for the event.

We had one primary day of interviewing the students and key stakeholders, and we were onsite to shoot B-roll at various times in the spring and early winter.

Gino Russano was our primary DP, along with Dan Lopatowski and myself for some of the B-roll shoots. Chris Koranek was our sound recordist and Katrell Mendenhall our Makeup Artist. Suzy Weimer and Bill Coons provided Editorial and motion graphics were designed and executed by Ryan Aeschilman. Our Executive Producer and Interviewer is Cynthia Mufarreh.

Primary interviews were shot with the Panasonic AF-100 with a 25mm Voigtländer Lens. B-roll was shot with a Panasonic HPX500 and HPX170. Editing was Final Cut Pro 7. Music by Dewolfe.

Creative Dynamics Studio donated 25% of the funding for this project.

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