How we sing rah-rah Jesus, but don't do what He says. How we know so much about worldly stuff, yet never even the basics of Bible. Do you know, there's never been a Bible movie or documentary EVER made, which EVER gets even half of the Bible information correct? No, not even the 10 Commandments with Charleton Heston, nor Franco Zeferelli's Jesus of Nazareth, nor even Mel Gibson's The Passion -- all multimillion dollar productions with LOTS of effort and time spent. And ALL of them (especially the History Channel nonsense) get the facts WRONG! As if they had no Bible to read?!

So, this is a rant about how much we care about everything else, but Him. Which is the OPPOSITE of what we'll be thinking, when we finally SEE Him. And, I'll be just as embarrassed as everyone else. It won't be, 'wow, I could have had a V8!', but 'Wow, why did I waste my time on all this other stuff.. instead of learning CHRIST?!'

Ouch and Merry Christmas.

File Name: XmasRant.wmv, 12/20/09.

More: this vid heads my Youtube 'Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC' playlist, which is also replicated in . I got this effect using total blackout, except from a 100-watt bulb directly over the camera. Was in a pensive mood about how little we really care to understand what God promises, through Bible. Especially, if we call ourselves 'Christian'.

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