The “Interconnectivity & Live Art” mini-Festival presents its first edition on the 12th of December 2013 at the University of Lincoln under the curation of artist Fenia Kotsopoulou and with the participation of international interdisciplinary artists. The overall theme of the festival is inspired by the concept of “interconnectivity” referring to systems of which parts and processes are connected by structural and/or behavioural relationships.

The “Interconnectivity & Live Art” festival promotes the idea that artists and audience are interconnected through the artwork and seeks to create an event where the audience experiences the (in)visibly interconnected artworks as a unified body of work.

The work of the invited artists is seen as an autonomous assemblage, a living organism, a new creation- a piece of a new puzzle. This is also the challenge of the festival; to bring in space independent artistic works and create a synergy that is based on the (in)visible and hidden elements within their interconnection.

The overall theme and idea of the festival is Interconnectivity through art and key-theme for this first edition is “memory and ...”. The work of each artist is linked in a different (in)visible way with the idea of memory. The day of the festival, these works appear as relevant components of within a mapping of memory.

So...How memory and the different aspects to look at it becomes the threshold that amalgamate independent artistic expressions?

Atmatzidis Irene (new media installation)
Disley Daz (20 speakers sound installation) roughdiamondproductions.com/daz/
Fini Francesca (videoArt: projection of "WHITE NOISE") francescafini.com/
Kapousidou Vagia (Live performance)
Kotsopoulou Fenia (installation, performance) feniakotsopoulou.de
Mazzocchi Chiara (videoArt: projection of "1952") chiaramazzocchi.com/
Salvadori Serena (photography) serenasalvadori.com/

video by Fenia Kotsopoulou
music: "Labirinth"- Giacomo Merchich

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