This trailer is a presentation of the coming movie about the discovery of the natural world underwater with the quadruple world champion of freediving: Pierre Frolla.
This film has been shot in 3D-stereoscopy and is available for cinema, Imax, and 3DTV and 3D Web TV, theme parks and aquarium. the 3D and 2D version of this film are available the 31 decembre 2013.
90 minutes long (in its cinema format) presenting various trips such as Monaco, Mauritius Island, New Caledonia, and Bahamas.... the divers are swimming with sharks, whales, murrey eels without protection. the 3D version really immerse the audience in the wild underwater world.
Movie direction: Philippe Gérard, Production 3DLIZED, Script: Pierre Frolla and Philippe Gérard.
Issue: 1st quarter of 2014.

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