DePaul University
Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Networking Breakfast
October 15, 2013

The New World of Internships

How important are internships? Eager to find new employees who can contribute immediately, employers scan resumes for internship experience, with many placing a higher value on work experience over college major, GPA, and extracurricular activities. Uncertain about what careers are like, students use internships not only to gain hands-on experience but also to explore the types of jobs and work environments that they will like and dislike and to start building their professional networks.

But not all internships are the same. How can employers and students alike ensure a successful experience?

At the DePaul University Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Networking Breakfast on October 15, 2013, leaders of DePaul University’s University Internship Program (UIP) presented internship best practices for employers and students. Leading the discussion were alumna Carrie McAteer, Associate Director of UIP, along with Megan Gentille and Adi Clerman, Assistant Directors of UIP.

Part 1 - Welcome & Introduction
Part 2 – Best Practices for Interns
Part 3 – Best Practices for Employers
Part 4 – Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

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