Marijuana Prices could be a lot Cheaper and everyone could be saving money. Weed prices are cheaper for some already. Who doesn't want superior medicine available for everyone to live a longer and healthier life? You should care people are left to suffer and die with high medical marijuana prices unable to grow their own. Marijuana can save a life and Medical marijuana is downplayed by regulation. It could be cheaper to investigate cannabis oil curing cancer.

Don't Be a Victim of Bullies, Corruption, Frauds and Politics. Who doesn't want to be saving money and have a stronger economy? Business doesn't have to be so limited. Organic food could be cheaper and more abundant than non-organic food. Marijuana could be sold everywhere and dispensaries could be available without needing a license or ID, just pay the same as kids can buy candy without a license. Think about it, nobody actually dies from marijuana, people die from coffee and addictive sugars, marijuana prohibition does more harm to society than the reasoning for the law.

Help end prohibition, even if you talk to others, any effort will make a difference, inform people who don't know. Corruption don't care to help end prohibition. Don't accept lower standards and limit yourself in how much cannabis you have in your diet. People have every right to live a longer healthier life with lots of cannabis in their diet.

If you haven't seen the News Barack Obama admits War on Drugs Failure you should see the historic evidence
Did you know Barack Obama turned his back against Renewable Energy and Cheap Living?

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