DrVita Ultra Eye Formula Daily, multi-nutrient formula provides a unique blend of vitamins and antioxidants to support eye health. Includes Lutemax® lutein, zeaxanthin, natural mixed carotenoids and more.

What is DrVita Ultra Eye Formula?

DrVita Ultra Eye Formula is a combination formula providing a variety of nutrients to support eye health. Included are antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, plus nutrients known for their role in helping to maintain healthy vision, including:
Lutein and zeaxanthin, members of the carotenoid family (nutrients found naturally in the macula of the human retina). The macula, located in the center of the retina, is responsible for producing the sharp, central vision needed to see fine detail (for reading, sewing, etc.).
Natural mixed carotenoids as Betatene®, a high-quality, patented mixture of carotenoids extracted from nutrient-rich algae. Carotenoids have long been understood to play an important part in eye health because they’re concentrated in the macula and have an antioxidant role.
Black Currant has an estimated vitamin C content of five times that of oranges (2,000 milligrams/kilogram), black currant has potential dietary benefits. Black currant is also rich in rutin and other flavonoids, which are known antioxidants.

How does DrVita Ultra Eye Formula support health?

Each serving supplies 6 mg of lutein, one of the most valuable nutrients for vision support
Studies recommend taking 6 mg to 20 mg of lutein daily for eye health and antioxidant protection
Research shows that higher plasma levels of lutein and zeaxanthin may be associated with macular health
Lutemax’s antioxidants can protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals, while also filtering out potentially dangerous, high-energy blue light and ultraviolet radiation from the macula
Vitamin E supports eye health
Certain components in black currant called anthocyanosides may be helpful for improving night vision.

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