On a recent trip back from London this summer, I picked up one of my favorite lifestyle magazines, Wallpaper. While reading it, I came across the most remarkable pair of headphones. They're beautifully retro and modern, made in Paris with a precision and craftmanship that I'm drawn to. Given that I was already looking for something to direct my next personal project around, I picked up a pair thinking these headphones would be ideal.

What resulted was short story of a woman on the move, finding the perfect place to relax, enjoying the sounds of her favorite artist, all while taking in the best of Paris.

The entire piece was shot on Kodak 16mm film.
Directed by: Curtis Heyne
Assistant Director: Nathan Sage
Stylist, make-up artist & wardrobe: Mercedes Moreteau
Actress: Lynda Kotbi
Headphones: aedle.net

Camera: Aaton A-minima

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