"Once again we had the opportunity to sit and chat with the equally beautiful & talented artist known as She Is Ryan or SIR for short. Ryan openly discusses being a young woman growing up in Brooklyn and more importantly what it took for her to grow into the multi talented powerhouse that she is now. Through her intelligence and sheer willpower she gives us a portion of her wisdom, showing us not only what it takes to build a brand but to grow into your identity solely by being comfortable with yourself."

Camera : Panasonic GH3
Lens : SLR Magic 12mm t1.6 x 17.5mm f.0.95
Filmstock Emulation : FILMCONVERT Kodak Portra 400 x KD 5207 Vis3 x FJ Velv 100 // OSIRIS m31 LUT
Filter : Tiffen Black Pro Mist x Tiffen Pro Mist

People have been asking me how do I achieve these looks and although I wont give away all of my secrets there are some key things to remember. NEVER shoot flat. Its better to reduce contrast optically with a lens filter than it is to do it digitally by reducing contrast which introduces a lot of unwanted artifacts. I keep my contrast raised to a point that ensures that the histogram is filled. And always make sure your white balance is as neutral as you can get it , if you own filmconvert you can adjust it to your tastes later which in turn affects how the image looks when you use the OSIRIS luts.

The next step is to apply a filmstock from FILMCONVERT I would advise you to research how each film was used so you can get a practical sense of when it should be used. Some films are optimized for tungsten lighting and others for daylight etc. In a way FILMCONVERT is a fast way to color correct an image and OSIRIS LUT's are used to color grade your footage. Pick your prefered OSIRIS LUT and voila you are done :-)

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