Last night in my dream all of Behzad’s miniature paintings washed up in the pink water on the shore. Some of the paint was smeared and faded but the ones that remained intact I hung on the walls of a shack. There were castles decorated in mathematics, wars in purple forests, Alexander the Great on the outskirts of a crystal city meeting a holy man.

The first Turing complete digital computer was mostly used to design a Big Bang that ended up falling onto a surgical clinic in Japan and killing around a hundred thousand people in under a second. A few decades later that same architecture was used for ground breaking special effects in the film Terminator Two. Now almost all of our culture passes through the gate of Von Neumann’s model. Soon it will completely subsume us. Maybe it did a few thousand years ago and we’re living in a binary illusion while we build another system mimicking the one we’re already inside. Maybe this has happened a few hundred times and we’re lost in a giant net shaped like pyramid, stuck in a black hole beaming messages across the galaxy to some previous civilization that was once our own but has since become a simulacra just like us.
This is a video of an environment you can actually enter. While the video is playing at anytime a viewer can press the enter key and have a look around the world for themselves. When the viewer finds the triangle paintings real world lights are turned on and a lady starts telling stories.

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