A Northwestern University Studio 22 Short Film

One Forest Day is a fast-paced neolithic thriller about Udok, who must escape human hunters and overcome paralyzing fears to stand up to his pursuers and turn the tables in his favor. The film explores the depths to which humankind is willing to go to survive in a prehistoric setting that is still oddly relevant to modern times.

With One Forest Day, we are trying to stretch the limits of what can be done as student filmmakers; attempting a professional level production for a student film budget. This includes using professional level camera equipment, techniques and special effects.

We received a generous grant from Northwestern University’s Studio 22 Productions to start this film and our cast and crew have been working very hard to translate our original vision into a reality, but to finish One Forest Day to its fullest potential (and pay for costumes, transportation, permits, equipment and camera rentals, as well as to enter it into film festivals), we created a Kickstarter page and video to raise additional funds.

Directed By - Neil Lokken
Produced By - Ethan Senser & Inhye Lee
Director of Photography - Ned McGregor
Kickstarter Coordinator - Becca Smith

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