Video of performance by Martin Awa Clarke Langdon.

In reference to my Master of Fine Arts research - Video interviews with family member about Whakapapa (family history, connections, genealogy) and in particular the legacy of my two grandfathers.

A quote taken from an interview was "he mostly played the black keys" became the catalysis for making and performing this piece.
The quote really stuck with me and reoccurred in my thoughts.
It became a metaphor that I applied to my current position and reflecting back I wanted to acknowledging him through this piece. That although my grandfather didn't teach his kids te reo (maori language) and subsequently we did not inherit the language, we did other family things of Maori connection and in his own way he still played the black keys. becoming a leader of his industry but never forgetting his roots.

We connected and still operated as a Maori family, not denied our identity. His sacrifices as a strategy to get ahead socially had its reasons and in time and understanding I have come to realise this.
The frustrations of language are mine to take up as a challenge.
It is up to the next generation to regain the reo and strength the pathways laid by those before us.

The Actant - or performance partner item/object in this performance is constructed using:
University fence paling replicas, Ponga , Metal, MDF, Automotive paint and Electric Piano

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