Shortlisted in Young Glory 2013

Google Giving : Save the tigers is based upon the fact that wild tigers are on the verge of getting extinct. If nothing is done, tigers will only be found in pictures online in the future.

We’re using this fact to create an campaign that aims to make people more aware of the issue.

On Google, pictures of tigers are searched for and saved by thousands of people every day. So we decided to use Google’s image recognition to detect all images containing tigers. When right clicking on these images, with the intention of saving them, the users will not only be able to save the image of a tiger but also have the ability to save a real tiger. The new button gives users the opportunity to get more information about the cause, donate and save the tigers from only existing online.

As an extra bonus for Google, this solution will not only raise awareness and money for the tigers. It will also show the possibilities of Google’s services and ad spaces. A perfect case to spread and show to future clients.

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