Factory-Art gallery is pleased the to present the solo exhibition "Too True to be Good"
by Polish artist based in Berlin Paul Rascheja

The exhibition will be opened on Saturday, 6th
November at 6.30 pm and will run
until 18th December 2010.

A common motif in Paul Rascheja’s work is the human being: a highly developed,
primitive and brutal animal that possesses intellect and reason yet nevertheless is
aggressive and unpredictable. The artist shows the raw, primordial and non-
domesticated nature of the human being in haunting, painfully exaggerated images.
He reaches to the limit of what is bearable, often overstepping it and breaking taboos as
well as provoking at the same time. His work can be characterised by a dark, morbid
atmosphere: a combination of a nightmare, chaos and deathly order. His videos are
captivating and disturbing: they bribe you with radical views, cryptic details and
unexpected turns. They are idiosyncratic and grotesque, critical of society, subversive
and political. Childhood experiences and surreal dream worlds play a mayor role here.

In the exhibition will be shown several works and videos:

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