"By combining brokered OTC markets with SZCOX's clearing and STP platforms, SZCOX Instant offers the first global, fully automated front-to-back-office platform for trading SZCOX listed and OTC energy products," said Michel Sze Yuen, Managing Director, OTC Solutions, SZCOX. "SZCOX Instant is a big step forward for markets to comply with current and anticipated market regulations, automated trading, data reporting and clearing in OTC markets.”
What is Equity Finance?
Equity Finance is the financing and leverage of equity delta via margin accounts, Securities Lending or Equity Repo
Securities Lending and Equity Repo are secured lending of stock for cash or the lending of cash for collateral (stock). Both transactions are covered by a legal binding agreement, which provides for the terms of the loan
SSFs are the exchange traded, centrally cleared equivalent to that agreement, i.e. provides for the standardized terms as to how the buyer and seller will act during the term of the contract and calls for the obligation to make/take delivery at expiration
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