see Part 2 at:

My exercises are paying off! I now on the verge of a perfect jibe.

Last ideas and modifications:
* this is not step by step but a combination of several steps at once, e.g. mast inclination, softening in the ankles, bnanking the board, driving hips in or bommshaka is sumalteneous with twist and forward step simultneous with bringing mast to vertical - i.e. one fluent simultaneous motion!
* the first step in the sequence is not the most important one (e.g. mast inclination is way more important than banking the board)
* no archer position on entry, the front arm is bend, pointing elbow down, that loads the boom (downforce), but hand is extended when yanking mast forward
* downforce is important all the way, e.g. elbows down load the booms, body is inclined forward at all times

couple additional exercises (one handed flip, uphaul, uphaul with mast pointed upwind followed by immediate boomshaka/yanking to the wind

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