Alice in Wonderland, coming to Shanley Pavilion
December 5th, 10PM
December 6th, 8PM, 10PM
December 7th, 2PM, 8PM

Video Created by Nate Bartlett
1st AC: Joel Ness

A Lipstick Theatre Production
Produced by Aparna Ramachandran
Directed by Emily Wills
Sound Design by Aissa Guerra and Lauren Stremmel
Costumes by Maria Clark and Amanda Hermans
Graphic by Kyle Hancher

Alice in Wonderland, based on the novels by Lewis Carroll and originally adapted by André Gregory and the Manhattan Project, follows the classic tale of Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and encounters a world filled with creatures vastly different from those she knows. Teeming with Cats and Hatters, Hares and Rabbits, Wonderland, she quickly learns, is quite a mad place to be.

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