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Feel yourself relax as you experience the calming effect of our Sunset Moods DVD. Sit back and enjoy the golden sun as it sparkles in the spray of dancing waves, watch as it glances over the horizon or reflects in peaceful lakes. See the sun's last rays painting the landscape, and slow yourself down as it slowly dips behind magnificent mountains.

Enjoy seascapes and landscapes under the warming glow of a low-lying sun, accompanied by inspirational music from Simon Daum, or two tracks of sunset lakes and sunset seas with the calming sounds of nature.

A final track offers the chance to dream away with an hour-long ocean sunset and the original sounds of the outgoing tide.

Sunset Moods was filmed at some of the World's most serene places, using high definition cameras and professional audio equipment to offer viewers great sound and picture quality. The tracks are programmed to repeat automatically, and the Play All functions and continuous play features allow you relaxation without interruption.

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