The first film with EOS M. I use Samyung 85 T1.5 as my first choice lenses. Wandering how this compares to Sony NEX VG20. Side by side video I make one day ..... ??
My interest is/was haw film will look like with 14 bit A/D converter camera. Naturally color depth is better, resolution is better to any 12bit (forget about 8bit). More films has to be made to find out how it compares to more expensive, semi and pro cinema cams. The RAW or of the sensor is a bit more than 5K, it is compressed to H264 due to SD card capacity - but it can be decompress back to 5K, somethink to try later on to 2.5 and 4K. I am thinking to use BlackMagic SSD/converted external box to try out video from HDMI camera interface at some stage.
So far I can see that this camera will be for "shue string" budget film makers. I am impressed so far.
With community developed software it is real film camera - thanks to Canon and Panasonic guys for letting us to enhance their products.
Filmed at 24 fps, ISO100 all possible automation on the camera disabled.
Edited with Cinelerra 4.3. Final render at 20Mbits/sec video stream, 24 fps, divx compression.
For sound .... use external recorder.
Originaly I got this camera for Astronomy ..... and it is great. Ouch .... it will be converted to 720P by Vimeo my effort for high res is ..... bum

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