In 1878, Lockwood Kipling took his 12 year old son Rudyard to Paris. He gave his son 2 francs a day and free-rein to explore the Exhibition.

The boy Rudyard spent all his money on climbing up the internal staircase of the head of Liberty. Bartholdi's statue was not finished, and still in parts, but was almost ready for packing up for the American republic.

This was what Rudyard saw through the eyes of LIBERTY.

The words here come from Julian Barnes "Through the Window: Seventeen Essays (and one short story)" I would recommend this book without reservation:

The music is from Dexter Britain and is under common-licence: "Shooting Star" by Dexter Britain (

The column with Liberty inscribed on is to be found in Little Sparta by Ian Hamilton Finlay. The teddy bear on top is Hale Bopp and belongs to Andrew Robert Gordon

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