Lichten is part of the exhibition Scheinwerfer, Light Art in the 21st century in the Art Museum Celle with collection Robert Simon, involving 30 artists from all over Germany. The exhibition is open until the end of march 2014.
The work Lichten will initially be perceived as an almost square light field with a bright, slightly irregular structure. When the observer gets into the projection space several projections will be shadowed by the viewer itself and it unfolds a varied game of typographically set perspectives, all of which are generated from the serial typed term Lichten.
Lichten is a multi-layered slide-projector installation with 11 slide-projectors. It was first shown in Gallery Seippel / Cologne:
Further information about the museum:|2092.1429.1&ModID=7&FID=342.20587.1&kat=&kuo=2&k_sub=0&La=1

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