I gave this talk to Etsy employees and Hacker School (hackerschool.com) students, organizers, and alumni at the Etsy office in Brooklyn, NY on 2013-11-11.

The purpose of this talk is to give Hacker Schoolers an overview of three software projects that I created during my Ph.D., which will hopefully seed conversations throughout my week-long residency. These projects include an automatic software packager for Linux (CDE), a new kind of electronic lab notebook (Burrito), and a Web-based program visualizer for CS education (Online Python Tutor). Throughout this talk, I'll also show why pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science can be a great idea even for hackers who never want to become professors or academic researchers.

Philip Guo is a CS researcher, programmer, and amateur writer. He does human-computer interaction research, creates software tools for online education (e.g., Online Python Tutor -- pythontutor.com) and writes about Ph.D. life (e.g., The Ph.D. Grind -- phdgrind.com). In Fall 2014, he will start as an assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Rochester. He writes code and nonfiction prose at pgbovine.net.

For more details about my experience at Hacker School, read:

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