Eluka Moore and Larry Puzniak visit Cassandra Walker & LJ Rives to talk about healthy eating, getting kids involved with cooking at an early age and the new Kitchen Club Kids recipe-adventure storybook series. The full episode of Best of the STL can be seen on YouTube (bit.ly/1isOd93) or at STL TV online (stltv.net/saint-louis-television/best-of-the-stl/).

Ideal for early child development, Kitchen Club Kids End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad uses the art of cooking, colorful illustrations and critical thinking lessons to make learning both educational and fun for kids.
From counting and colors to food exploration and fun problem solving, this Kitchen Club Kids’ book gives parents a reason to start cooking and helping to establish healthy eating habits. As an added bonus, each story features a rhymey-good-timey recipe that can be prepared in the kitchen by cooks of any caliber.

Learn more at kitchenclubkids.com.

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