21 - 23 December 2013 @ MDT Stockholm

With and by: Linnea Martinsson and Mårten Spångberg

After successfully releasing the first album this spring, followed by the slowly melting Leave The World Behind... (Fuck that) - totally indigo deep ;;) - Type Lune is back and it's pretty much amazing. We do gigs, like three of them #cyber - at MDT in Stockholm - s'gonna be tots chill, sort of a concert but more like a campfire in the middle of the day - [Monster < in italics] asså soft undercover manipulated into a post-apocalyptic la da di da di we like to party - camo shorts and bubble kush or snake_sense homemade ayahuasca made of plastic. Or like carwash awkward, what about a drink - new necklace? Aha.
Crisps and Candy.
This is the moment when concert - it's music yeah - meets nothing else but specific, when sound smooches up with the world to make some noise, when music and sports is a dipdip conjunction but so don't share the ballfield - this is arena ;;) (chu) - pop at its most indifferent when the masses reaches out - a landscape where eternity meets forever, dirty house meets indigo zero gravity, pop meets haute weird, small is big and tick tock tick tock is us falling in love.

Or, put more simply, Lune The Center Tokyo Drift de Ville for U all ** k-Kkkk #ever is 90 minutes of magic #ilovespain.

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