AruaROSE is a free-to-play MMORPG with unique graphics, gameplay and features. Will you defeat your enemies wtih giant Castle Gear robots or speed away in your Speedy Cart? With bright and exciting graphics, straight forward controls, eight main classes to pick from, thousands of items to gain, enough monsters to hack and slash your way up to the high levels and many planets to explore, you'd be a fool to not try out AruaROSE!

Invite all of your friends! Join a party or create a clan and become rulers of Planet Junon. Buy exclusive items from our Item Mall to scare off your enemies.

Register an account, download the client and get playing! Don't forget to register on our forum where over 150,000 players go to get help, make friends or rant it all out! Need more information on AruaROSE? Head to our Armory!


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