Astrolabe is a song about being trapped in one's own box of darkness that you wish other people could see and comprehend. Its also about the person's inability to find her own happiness so she places hope in other people's source of happiness.

The video was shot and edited by the artist. Video FX by Kaliptus.
Music and Lyrics by Eunice Wobble Wong. All rights reserved. 2013

TAME THIS HEART EP by Eunice Wobble Wong is available for download now!


Three years in the making, "Tame this Heart EP" is the first of several EPs to be released. This four-track independent release discloses the singer's exploration of the heart's irrepressible yearning through haunting vocals, revealing lyrics and dark instrumentals influenced by low-tempo dubstep and glitch music.

Official Music page:
IG/Twitter@ eunsmusic

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