A warning about the information you put on Facebook.
What you share with your many "friends" could make you an easy target for cyber stalking. Becky accepted a friend request from Arutyun 'Haroot' Pashayan. At first, it seemed innocent but it turned her life upside down.
What Becky didn't realize is that Pashayan was keeping a close eye on her FB posts. If she posted she'd be attending a party, Becky says Pashayan would show up. She says, "He actually believed that he knew who I was and I was meant to be with him, that I was in love with him from what he read on my FB."
Becky deleted and blocked Pashayan. She also filed a restraining order but that still didn't stop Pashayan. Finally, months after we aired this story, the LA City Attorney's office filed charges against Pashayan for stalking, violating a restraining order and making annoying phone calls.
Here are some reminders to protect yourself from potential stalkers:
-Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know.
-Be cognizant of all the information you put on your FB status.
-If someone is bothering you, delete and block them.
-Block strangers from finding you on FB and limit who sees your profile.
-Be in control of your social media. If you're not, someone could be following your every move and you may not even know it until it's too late.

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