There is a message that goes beyond our existence. A message for which people have died.
It saves the lost, restores the broken, and gives sight to the blind.

This is who we are.
This is Bulls+Arrows.


Delivery Boy. Nick Rhyder
Broadcaster. David Richards
Narrator. Charles Gaucci

Director. Aaron Harvey
Assistant Director. Caitlin Salomons
DOP. Aaron Harvey + Caitlin Salomons
Lighting. Jacob Dyer + Josh Stuchbery
Camera Operators. Aaron Harvey, Nathan Field
Jib Operator. Luke Skilbeck
Steadycam Operator. Nathan Field
Gaffer. Dave Powys
Extra Crew. Anna Harrison + Elise Mahalia
Behind The Scenes. Kathleen Bain
On Location Audio. Jason Tucker + Dave Powys
Prop Collection. Isaac Agostino + Jake Shepherd
Catering. Wendy Waddell

Set Design. Bulls+Arrows Team
Storyboard Artist. Caitlin Salomons
VFX. Aaron Harvey + Caitlin Salomons
Soundscape Design. Jason Tucker + Dave Powys

Special thanks to
Ben Whimpey + Nathan Field, Orsino Media
Josh Stuchbery, Lantern Corp
Dave May, City On A Hill
Peter Crockett, Mandala Plants
Warren White, Maroondah Removals & Storage
Paul + Amanda Bremner, Youth Dimension
Rob Dux, MMM Build
Steve Kost
Joe + Linda Hauser
John Powys


Filmed on Canon 5DMkIIIs + 7D
Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm + Canon 24-70mm

Produced by Bulls+Arrows

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