One World in Wakefield

A film by Simon Bolton-Gabrielsen of Zenith Pictures based on a quote from 19th Century Wakefield novelist George Gissing, which will accompany the Cathedral’s One World Concert inside and outside the building.
Simon has created a vox-pop collage shot in the area around Wakefield Cathedral. Approaching a wide mix of shoppers during the day, Simon asked them to talk about who they are and where they come from, then to read a quote from 19th Century Wakefield novelist George Gissing. Gissing wrote widely on his experiences of society and culture at the time, and the words perfectly fit the event for which the film is commissioned, the Cathedral's One World Concert.

George Gissing – from “The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft”

However one's heart may fail in thinking of the folly and baseness which make so great a part of today's world, remember how many bright souls are living courageously, seeing the good wherever it may be discovered, undismayed by portents, doing what they have to do with all their strength. In every land there are such, no few of them, a great brotherhood, without distinction of race or faith; for they, indeed, constitute the race of man, rightly designated, and their faith is one, the cult of reason and of justice... They live and labour, guarding the fire of sacred hope.

For it is the mind which creates the world about us, and, even though we stand side by side in the same meadow, my eyes will never see what is beheld by yours, my heart will never stir to the emotions with which yours is touched.

Projections by The Art House with Wakefield Cathedral - part of Amazing Streets and Spaces, a season of small-scale temporary artistic interventions in Wakefield city centre. This programme is managed by Beam and supported by Arts Council England, Wakefield council and many others.

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