Please take a look in my latest Reel. In this video you will see 100% digital image. Shot by Red cameras, Arri Cameras and Canon cameras. 98% of this footage are from Brazilian TV commercials.

The video was edit by Lucas Cesario Pereira, song coposed by Eliezer Borges and finished by Leonardo Zampieri.

All nature footage are available at Nimia. Just look for meneghel or menegheldp.

Special thanks in order of appearence:

Henrique Faria, Caio Baldini, Capim Limão Boutique de filmes, Raphael Gasparin, Claudio Freire, Enrique Pacheco, Easy Films, Asteróide Filmes, Oger Sepol, Caio Rubini, Academia de Filmes, ArteLux Filmes, Soft Cinevideo, Hermes Bruchmann, Ado Oliveira, Mosaico Produciones, João Solda, Farofa Filmes, Gustavo Tissot, Gustavo Brandau, Benedito Moreira Neto, Alceu Raffaelli, Deiró Moving Ideas, Tatanka Films, Ronaldo Moreira, DUO Collective and my wife and lovely kids.

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