Can you guess which Canon cameras produced videos 65, 84 and 22? The same Canon 70-200mm lens was used. No color grading was done. The histograms had the whites almost touching the right side. Same shutter speed etc. etc.

EVS*, our partner in empowering HDSLR filmmakers, has offered 15% discount on rentals for everyone who responds by email by Feb. 28th. AND, for the first ten who guess correctly they get a $50. store credit. We'll add a $100. discount off our Feb 22 and 23rd CineBootCamp at our Burbank studios for each of the first ten with the correct answer.

1) Send your guesses to

2) Use this format:
#65 was shot with a Canon ______, #84 was shot with a Canon ________, #22 was shot with a Canon__________.
3) List your name as it is listed on your valid I.D., your cell phone number, and your residence address, (Most filmmakers are extremely ethical. This is so we can eliminate unethical filmmakers from submitting multiple, duplicate entries** and depriving others of their just reward.)

The winners will be announced March 12, 2014.

Good luck,

ps we were originally going to launch this contest in December, but figured everyone was too busy with Christmas to open email, so please ignore the "winners will be announced Dec. 12th" at the end of the video.

*EVS is located at 1819 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, Ca 91201 or

**Anyone attempting to redeem two or more store credits by submitting answers from multiple email addresses will forfeit all rights to any store credit or rental discounts. So just email your answers once.

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