As part of the Paris Photo Platform 2013, a discussion between Luke Batten, Joan Fontcuberta, Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet took place on Saturday, November 16th at the Grand Palais' Auditorium. It has been moderated by Elena Sorokina, Curator and Art critic.

The conversation was about the differences between the fantasmatic and the fictional, the imagined desire and the constructed fiction. As each artist present his/her work, and they talk about the fantasmatic dimensions of encyclopedias, archives and atlases and about their physical expressions.

The Paris Photo Platform this year was co-directed by Nicolas Bourriaud, director of École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris and Chantal Pontbriand, curator and art critic, founder of Pontbriand W.O.R.K.S. [We_Myself and others_ Research_Knowledge_Systems].
It was organized around three lines corresponding to the state of thinking and practices that provoke debate in the world of art and photography today:
- Photography challenged by the world
- An encyclopedic fantasy
- Photography, Painting, limits?

More information about the Platform's topics and guests at

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