Rocket Matter has always been the leader in making your billing life easier, but now, with Legal Billing 2.0, Rocket Matter makes life even more productive and efficient.

Over the past year Rocket Matter released upgrade after upgrade to the Legal Billing features. We challenge you to use our time capture and billing for a month. We guarantee more profitability or your money back.

Let’s take a look at a few of these transformations.

First of all, we want you to track payments and expenses on the go. Our brand-new Android app and our constantly improving iPhone app both allow you a speedy way to track time on your mobile devices. You can even check your matter balances and view recently billed items.

You are now able to capture time from your Dropbox documents and Evernote notes. Not only does our Integration allow you to use these two powerful applications with your Rocket Matter cases, now, just click on the dollar sign and you can add time and a description with out leaving the page.

What about email? You’re in that all day long, so we at Rocket Matter want to make sure you can bill for all of those email hours.

Picture this: you answered an email yesterday, and were too busy to log the billing for that email so you just quickly jotted down your time. Now, when you click the dollar sign from an email, enter your time, set the date for yesterday’s date and enter your description for the invoice.

The same flexible billing capabilities are available for documents. Let’s say you worked on a document Monday, but are adding the document to Rocket Matter Wednesday. You can go in and add the billable time for the date that you drafted the document, not the date you uploaded it.

We know what it’s like to be in the trenches of the business of law. And we know that sometimes you don’t know if a billable item has been invoiced or not. So we’ve given you the ability to see if something has been invoiced, if it’s waiting to go out, or is pending for the future.

You are also able to build a better billing timeline for your clients by seeing the created date and the billing date of each item on the matter billing page, and the billable activities report.

The Rocket Matter Portal now lets you automate the sharing of an invoice. Let’s say you’ve set up a portal for your client, Burt Hobbs. With Rocket Matter’s new billing tools, you can automatically share the invoice with your clients without downloading and emailing it. Just add the Burt’s name in the edit matter page and when you process an invoice, Burt is notified via email that he can log in and view his invoice.

Rocket Matter’s integration with LawPay will allow you to accept credit card payments through your client portal. Even better, these payments will automatically post to your matter ledgers and reports. This means less manual administrative work, less room for error, and more time for actual work.

Lastly, when you receive a check for your hard-earned work, you have multiple recording options to make your reports and ledgers as accurate and specific as possible.

In Rocket Matter, when you record a payment from a client, you can connect that payment directly to a specific invoice. By doing so, you can utilize our upgraded Accounts Receivable report, and our brand-new payments to invoices report, to track exactly what invoices have been paid, and which ones are still outstanding.

Never miss another billable minute. Try Rocket Matter for a month. If you don’t capture and bill more time than before, we’ll give you your money back.

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