Read the article about this by U.S. author Mark Storey in NUDE & NATURAL quarterly magazine (autumn 2014 issue:

The interviewer in this piece was Marie Turgeon, a very sweet woman. I freeze frame the thumbnail photo showing her left hand because she had very sensuous and erotic hands!

This piece has been viewed in the world's smallest country, Vatican City. In a sane world you could go nude in public without worry. But we live in a fascist world in which the human body is criminalized. This is insane.
Filmed in October 1995 and aired the following month, I was one of the interviewees in this episode for this weekly French-language program in the Canadian province of Ontario. I had just returned from an 18-month stint in London England, having left early due to the chronic acne problem London's air gave me. The interviewer is the Quebec ballet-trained dancer-turned actress Marie Turgeon.

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