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On the 2nd March 2013 Danielle & Sam tied the knot at Peats Bite on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, Australia. Sam, an occasional musician, had decided to write his bride a song. Through secret rehearsals for months in the lead up, and helped by his band and a PowerPoint presentation on the night - they staged the surprise and a group choir with 150 of their closest friends...all who knew nothing of their involvement until it was asked of them. This request came at an optimal time in the reception after many drinks, cracking speeches and laughs. In the subsequent months Sam took to the recording studio to record the song. This video was then compiled from thousands of photo's (some professional, some not so), and a number of hidden and blatantly obvious video cameras.
Thanks for sharing an incredible memory and feel free to pass it on.

Thanks to everyone who was there and especially those who helped pull this song and video off:
Tania Nichamin, James Swinbanks, Ben Sayers, Nath Collins, Dave Hammer, Hamish Siddins

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