If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on our music video shoots, here's your chance.

Ming takes us through some of the equipment we use here at RØDE including lenses, sliders, mics & software.

Watch & hear the final videos at:
Lowlakes - Cold Company - vimeo.com/rodemic/lowlakes-coldcompany
Lowlakes - Newborn - vimeo.com/rodemic/lowlakes-newborn
Audio BTS - vimeo.com/rodemic/lowlakes-audbts

Lenses used: Zeiss 35mm, Zeiss 50mm, Zeiss 85mm, Canon 24-105mm

Edelkrone Slider Plus V2 - edelkrone.com/slider-plus/

PluralEyes - redgiant.com

Stereo VideoMic Pro - rodemic.com/mics/stereovideomicpro
VideoMic Pro - rodemic.com/mics/videomicpro
VideoMic - rodemic.com/mics/videomic
iXY - rodemic.com/mics/ixy
RØDEGrip - rodemic.com/accessories/rodegrip4
SC2 Patch Cable - rodemic.com/accessories/sc2

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