Inside is a non-narrative short film documentary exploring a few of the many abandoned asylums, hotels, and other buildings in the north east (US) left behind to die slow and painful deaths. These architectural beauties are reflections of the past with a majority of contents still inside, ranging from christmas decorations to surgical tools.

This 5 month project was shot sporadically with a 7d, Gopro2, tripod, Glidecam, and a car to sleep in. Recording the moment at these locations with a camera is, in a sense, dumbing it down. You cannot capture the smell or the utter silence, or even do the scenery complete justice compared to the real thing. The real challenge was traveling with minimal camera gear, trekking on fire/water damaged areas, dodging security cars, and scrambling to prepare shots in a minefield of paint chips and asbestos. But with these challenges came much adventure.

Boards Of Canada - Dawn Chorus
M83 - Where The Boats Go

Poem quote:
Pelican's Ratiocination of Erring Recurrence in Correspondence He Just Left Behind by Mark Z. Danielewski

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