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Dunamis of Acts: “Works of the Holy Spirit” in Power through the Believers

"his name, through faith in his name; brings the miraculous; from salvation to healings and deliverances, the faith which is by Yeshua [Jesus] gives perfect soundness, healings, deliverance, and redemption" see Acts 3:16

Dunamis of Acts Pt6 Holy Ghost Leads we find out why Acts is known as the “Acts of the Holy Ghost”, although many call it “Acts of the Apostles”. Here we find Paul and company forbidden to enter into Asia and into Bithynia. The time for the gospel in these area’s is not yet. Instead they go to Macedonia and find the leading of the Lord all the way.
We find the gospel preached beginning at Synagogues where Paul reasons with the Jews. We also find Paul in the Market place, on Mars Hill, and in the homes of the disciples along the way. Here we find Persecution usually pushed by Jews, who out of Jealousy and the inability to counter Paul’s reasoning out of scriptures follow the small group from city to city. The things in this section are a view into the real end of day’s push by the Lord. There are many things herein, the Last day Remnant believer needs to understand!

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