Seminar Project

6-14 Juli 2013
Die Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube

Youth in Action/Die Bäckerei/Innsbruck/6th – 14th July

a project funded by the European Union program Youth in Action and the Austrian National Agency

Thanks to the support of the European Union program „Youth in Action“ and the Austrian National Agency the project Urban Intervention for Social Inclusion will take place in the cultural centre “Die Bäckerei” in Innsbruck from 6th to 14th of July. The project brings together participants from 7 European countries and engages them in a seminar where they learn how urban interventions can be used to build and sustain social cohesion and self-development.

Participants come from organizations like NGOs, community centres, youth-clubs, etc. Through their participation in the seminar they discover and learn different forms in street art/urban intervention and put them into practice. Within an atmosphere of creative, experimental discovery participants will learn various practices like i.e. poster or graffiti art and invisible theatre.

During the nine days of the project different workshops will be provided, which will take place in our centre "Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube", as well as a public presentation where we will have the opportunity to express ourselves in a real context putting into practice what we have learnt. It will be a great opportunity to improve together in our skills.

The goal of our project is to provide participants with the necessary skills and competences to promote the inclusion of young people in their local communities through the methods and tools provided by the practice of urban intervention and social performance.[tt_news]=626

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