The following is Nikki Jason's complete and harrowing tale of living through five miscarriages.

The purpose of the following documentary shorts is to share one couple's hardships of living through multiple miscarriages by letting others know who have gone through this similar private trauma that they are not alone. Though education and candid conversation from someone who has gone through the heartbreak of experiencing a miscarriage(s), these video works are to help bridge the emotional gap to others have gone through similar painful experiences. This sensitive topic of miscarriages isn't discussed that much and there is a desperate need for people to understand it better. These documentary shorts are to reach out to the viewer who has gone through similar trying, traumatic experiences of what it entails when one has a miscarriage - both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through hope and strength, one can make it out to the other end - and begin the healing process.

The original video interview was an hour long. There were so many important details to her experiences that the final edited version was down to 21 minutes. I used highlights for "Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages". But this is the full, complete, detailed tale of someone who went through five miscarriages.

Nikki's Intro Blog Reading
Posted on July 22, 2011 by whateverittakesblog
Since no one ever talks about miscarriages, no one really knows that you can make it to your first appointment and get a bad ultrasound. It's true, it's tragic and it's something Justin and I have dealt with 4 out of the 5 times we have been pregnant. The news that something went wrong in the early stages of embryonic development is crushing.
Before our journey started, I always thought that if the embryo was not "right" then it was better to lose the pregnancy early on and it wouldn't be a huge deal. Well, it is not that simple. It is human nature to get excited, to plan and dream as soon as you see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test. As many times as I have been down that road, I still have a hard time holding back thoughts of what things might be if this is the "one".
A miscarriage does not happen instantaneous. Like many people, I thought that BOOM an explosion happened and then it was over. Maybe it would be easier if every miscarriage was over fast and like a flip of a switch your body and mind were back to not pregnant. Sometimes it takes months for a woman's body to fully recover from a miscarriage. There are weekly blood draws (nothing like getting to know your lab personnel), dreaded phone calls regarding "numbers", follow up doctor visits and the regular to occasional complete mental breakdown.

The Purpose
The purpose of this work is to educate and inform those who have gone through the trauma of experiencing a miscarriage(s) and the need to know that they are not alone. This sensitive topic is discussed that much and there is a need for people to understand it better. This documentary short is to give the viewer an idea of the experience of what it entails when one has a miscarriage - both physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is to reach out to people who have gone through similar trying, traumatic experiences.

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