Description: A local band from Syracuse, The New Daze is a fun and exciting jam band. They began their journey a long time ago. Max Flansburg, Jamie Knittel and Angelo Pavone make up The New Daze. From Rochester to Peru, they've been all over New York, spreading out and having new dazers join along the way. This is the story of how the band came to be and their making of their second album, Don't Judge The Universe.

An Urban Jungle Films Production

Directed & Edited by: Kurt Militi

Special Thanks to:
Max Flansburg
Jamie Knittel
Angelo Pavone
Jeremy Johnston
Zach Webster
Lukas Vogt
All the Dazers
Funk n Waffles
Subcat Studios
The RedHouse

Music Featured:
Uncle Stremnf
Silly Me
Don't Touch My Tractor
When Prigs Fly (Pts. I-IV)

All Music featured are songs from Don't Judge The Universe by The New Daze
All Rights Reserved to The New Daze
The rights to this film go directly to Kurt Militi and The New Daze

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