Operating a service business successfully while keeping track of the field workforce, their visits to job sites, service calls, serviced equipment, and ensuring all of your customers' needs are being met on time and with high quality, can make you feel like you need magic.
VisiTrack may be that magic your business needs.

Logging onto VisiTrack, business managers can easily create any type of forms specific to their businesses' products and services, allowing them to control exactly what data is captured from the field and how. You can create Service forms, Work Order forms, Surveys, and more…
VisiTrack sends these forms automatically to the smartphones or tablets of your employees who can immediately access them wherever they are.

When the employees arrive at their designated service locations, VisiTrack uses GPS technology to verify that the location is actually that of the job site. This GPS location information is linked to every single task executed by the employees in the job site.
VisiTrack also has the capability to track every specific product, location, or asset being serviced, providing a HIGH PRECISION TRACKING going beyond GPS Tracking:
By placing an RFID tag, a QR code or even a barcode in each asset, product or location, VisiTrack will know exactly what the employees are working on. Scanning these tags brings up any work form associated with that product or location. With RFID tags, business information can be written within the tag with details like the date of last service, last technician’s name, and last job done.
VisiTrack forms can include actions that request your employees to take pictures to verify the status of a job before and after, or to capture a signature of your customer accepting the job performed.
VisiTrack forms can also include ALERTS that can be triggered and sent in real time depending on the information that your employees are collecting.
VisiTrack sends all this information In REAL TIME back to the office, where business managers will immediately know which of their employees are completing which tasks, where they are being completed and when.

VisiTrack: Visible Efficiency, Tracking Accurate Results

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