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Kindle has become quite ornery lately. For example, if you change your email address in Amazon, the Kindle registration does NOT update, still shows your prior address. If you query the Kindle people about it, no one understands this simple problem. The only way to solve it is to UNINSTALL KINDLE: so any books you have on your machine, will become unreadable.

Moreover, Kindle now endlessly syncs, hanging up your machine. Again, when you query about this, you get hostility or a blank stare. NO HELP AT ALL.

Other major problems: Greek text isn't provided, but 'GREEK TEXT' shows instead. So all those footnotes Gibbon made, you can't read. So I no longer recommend Kindle for any books on Biblical languages, since you don't know until after buying, whether the characters will properly display.

Original 6/2012 review below, is thus tempered.
There are a lot of extra features I didn't cover in the video, like the ability to change background color (great feature) to white, black, or sepia, ability to PRECISELY resize the text without having to resize the window (but you can resize the window), extras by the author (depends on the book), comparison of how other people highlight the book, associated Wiki entries.

AND YOU CAN RENT BOOKS for a small price. If you later decide to purchase (like I did the $107 Diocletian book, at 1:36 in this video) the rental fee (i.e., $25 for a month, for the Diocletian book) is discounted against the purchase price. Woo-hoo! Do you know how EXPENSIVE scholar books are?


You can access via Wi-Fi or regular internet connections. You can also sync to blogs, newspapers, magazines, EMAIL, audiobooks and even upload and download personal documents, lookie here at the left side:

Of course, you can read offline, once you've downloaded the books.

Oh: and UNLIKE ADOBE, the Kindle page numbers are the same as the printed edition, so you can quote page numbers others with the hardback, can FIND. Also, the endnotes/footnotes are often LINKED, so you can jump to the note and then back. Which is great, especially for books which use those ANNOYING endnotes (making paper-copy reading a real pain).

It also SAVES YOUR PLACE automatically, at the last page you were reading. Since you can bookmark and highlight, you can readily go back to other places, too. MUCH easier to use than Adobe Reader.

SEARCHABLE! To me it's everything I wanted Adobe to be. (Even full Adobe is a pain to use, arcane instructions, preferences which require you to know programese, unbelievable how complicated Adobe is to use. By contrast, even a five-year-old can figure out the Kindle options.)

Some books in Kindle format don't have illustrations, versus the hardback; and it's true that the Kindle illustrations won't necessarily expand readily, or look as good. Kindle is working on that. I haven't found the illustrations troublesome, but others have.

There is a huge selection of books, and many good Bibles, Bible exegesis and other Bible-related books are among them. Here, I highlight the Soncino Talmud -- WHAT A DEAL, each Soncino book is only 99 cents!

The books are stored in your Amazon account, even after you download them, so you always have at least two sets, the downloads on your machine, and the 'cloud'. So you can be on the go and read them online, or re-download to whatever machine you're using. Better still, as your computer ages you can just keep the old Kindle software on your PC or Mac with no worry about upgrading, and still read them after your old PC/Mac is no longer your main machine. THAT is wonderful; whole libraries you can store on your outmoded computers!

What about parental locks? Apparently it's all or nothing, see here:

All in all, I LOVE IT, five stars!

UPDATE: Kindle is having problems, in 2013. But they are trying to fix them. Basically, synching is a problem (it synchs when it shouldn't, or won't synch when it should).

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