Winterliche Beleuchtung Elisabethplatz, München
winter lights, Munich 2013
More info:
client: City Council Munich
design: Brut Deluxe.
constructor: Ilmex SA.
area: Elisabethplatz, Munich
year: 22 Nov 2013 – 31 Jan 2014
photography: Miguel de Guzmán
team: Marina Ortega Aranda, Jesús Maria Linares, Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda
status: restricted competition/ temporary/ built
video: Imagen Subliminal. Directeb by Miguel de Guzmán.
music: Deef "Unerklarliche..."

Project description:

The installation consists of 14 disc like light motives that hang horizontally above the visitors. The motives have a diameter of 2,20m and an average of 1600 light points. The design of the motive pattern varies. The project is the result of a restricted competition organised by the City Council of Munich.

The project focuses not only on the design of the light motives but especially on the atmospheric effect that will be created. The lighting deals with the public space around the market kiosks. The light motives hang like big chandeliers above the visitors and turn the mostly dark space between the kiosks and trees in the winter months into a bright access hall to the market.

The distribution of the installation can be altered in the following years or augmented with additional light motives.

Technical data:

lighting of the 14 light motives with a combination of LED light rope and LED bulbs in white colour on aluminium structure.

Light points: average of 1600 light points per motive / total: 22 400 light points
wattage: average 120 W per light motive / total: 1680 W

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