Ponente: Hernani Borges de Freitas.

Dries famous sentence (buytaert.net/one-drupal-to-rule-them-all) is becoming a reality for many organizations from small shops to the enterprise space. More and more stakeholders are following the idea of standardizing their online presence in Drupal and leverage the same code and infrastructure amongst their different sites. What they are seeking is a drastic reduction in the time needed to create, launch and configure a Drupal site at the same time that they reduce the maintenance effort of the whole sites' network.

To achieve it, a drastic change needs to happen on the standardization of development processes, more strict control of the overall architecture while supporting new changes and requirements, and repeatable and trustable deployment process to avoid the opposite pitfall of "one site to break them all".

In this session we will look to what needs to be thought when creating such an architecture from the development process to the infrastucture to host the different environments needed. We will look at different solutions that allow maintain these sites factories and walk you through several architectures explaining their advantages and differences.

Finally, we will look in detail to Acquia's Cloud Site Factory, a fully-hosted SaaS solution that allows organizations to quickly deploy and manage websites by the hundreds. Pre-define site templates, create new sites in a single click, manage roles and permissions across sites and connect to existing analytics and data systems.

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