September 29 1968: The official website for the Ed Sullivan Show states that, on this date, Jefferson Airplane performed two songs for the hit CBS broadcast: "Won't You Try," and "Crown of Creation." While both songs were performed in the studio, only "Crown" was actually aired. Footage of both complete performances is included here.

By the way, the Sullivan site also states that blue screen effects made the Airplane's legs disappear during the broadcast (they didn't), and that the band went on to perform with The Doors at Woodstock and Altamont (The Doors were absent from every major 1960's festival.) Clearly there's a bit of misinformation circulating.

Some sources claim that this footage of "Try" is from a rehearsal earlier in the day, while the clip of "Crown" was performed live before the studio audience. More than likely, both "Try" and "Crown" were shot during the day for later broadcast, while a studio audience watched the pre-recorded "Crown" clip that night, and were prompted for live "APPLAUSE." Only the people who were actually there could shed more authoritative light on the subject.

Previous boots of the unaired "Try" footage, besides being visually shoddy, actually feature dubbed sound effects of an audience filled with screaming teenage girls. This particular clip is sourced from the original studio footage, sans dubbed audience, albeit with SMPTE timecode.

Hang around after the "Crown" performance, and you'll see the background film that was keyed in over the band.

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