Sculptural Installation by John Dillemuth (San Diego, USA) at KunstRaum H&H in Cologne, Germany.
John Dillemuth once said: "There's an American aspect to my work, a folk element." So let's have a look at his background: "I grew up in a large family in Pocahontas, Iowa. Both of my parents were hard workers, and always had the Dillemuth kids groomed and seated for church on Sunday mornings. While rural Iowa offered wide horizons and room to roam, there was less to experience on the cultural front. A thirty foot wooden statue of the Pohawtan 'princess' was the only art in miles. Just as in much of rural America, culture was what was playing on T.V. I grew up on Leave it to Beaver, Batman, and Bonanza. It wasn't until high school that I learned there was more to life than what meets the eye. At the same time I became interested in art.
Although I have tried writing poetry, my talent and energy lies in art. I like to work with my hands.
Play is an element in all of my work. For these particular toys scale is also very important. They are not miniaturized like many toys, but almost full sized. Sheer size makes them extraordinary, and adds both a realistic and comical element to the mechanical functions. In much of my work I like to mix the feminine with the boyish, exploring issues of identity in relation to the body. Depending on the interpretation, these explorations can be revealing and disturbing narratives, faux Freud stories, or just wacky juxtapositions. I also like to mix the fantastic with the ordinary, the crude with the sophisticated, the absurd and perverse with the puritanical, and the visionary with the comical."

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